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Nick Ikonomou

Business Coach

Rapid changes in technology, competition in the market and increased compliance are all contributing to most business owners working longer hours than ever before. Increased stress and lack of balance can and do all take their toll. If you are facing such challenges in your business and are starting to lose focus, your passion for what you do and are asking yourself whether it is all worth it, then you will definitely want to talk to Nick.

As a business coach Nick has coached over 160 businesses and has experience across most industries. He enhances his clients’ lives by showing them how to once again enjoy their business; increase their revenue, work shorter hours and enjoy their personal lives with time for family and friends, real holidays and less stress.

With a background in the corporate world as Financial Controller and a CPA, he is only too familiar with the “rat race” faced by us all. As a business owner and serial entrepreneur he has dedicated himself to assisting other SME business owners in achieving their goals without the sacrifices that are often the price of “success”