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Always a unique problem to solve, and always an innovative solution to be found. We look to partner with a range of organisations of diverse industry and size so that we’re forced to keep ‘thinking new’.

Here’s what our clients have to say about us:

Insightful, inspirational and effective. Gene was hired as a marketing advisor & we found his expertise to be exceptional.

Tony FanfullaTransform Business Systems

Gene has an excellent and detailed knowledge of marketing and the importance of branding. He provided us with invaluable expertise in the creation of our company brochure and web site and assisted with the editing of our content. He is the first person I turn to for expert advice on any marketing matter as I value his opinion.

Linda KogtevsLettens Accounting Firm

Gene’s passion for marketing and business runs deep. His experience and natural aptitude for developing and implementing winning strategies is invaluable. Gene loves to be at the cutting edge of his field and is seen more and more as a leader and innovator. His commitment to his work is 24-7 and he is definitely someone you can rely on to deliver the goods every time. Gene has a global view and is constantly updating his knowledge and skill set. I would recommend him highly for any project.

Andre MelnychenkoOxygen Interactive Marketing

Gene has done a fabulous job of helping me define my USP as a financial advisor. He has picked out just why my business is different and provided the most direct and innovative way to describe that. Financial Services are a grudge purchase and Gene has made my marketing really different so that folk know to expect something different. His work is really assisting my business get traction in a very crowded environment that in some cases is not well respected. He will be an ongoing part of my business plan.

Jenny MossMoss Financial Services

Gene is a lateral thinking professional who delivers high value to clients. He thinks long term on projects and looks to minimize costs with a highly practical perspective. Highly recommended

Richard YiapBeyond Paradigms – Rapid Precision Reading and Mind Mapping Training

Gene’s knowledge of marketing concepts is second to none. He applies the theories of marketing principles to real world situations and executes them flawlessly. I have no hesitation in recommending Gene Stark for any marketing project.

Alex KainMD at Escapenet.com.au, Talkscape.com.au, Gizmosis.com.au

Gene’s use of “simplicity” delivers effective and creative communication to the increasingly time poor target audience. The approach differentiates you from your competitors and cuts through the jargon and complexity of messages prevalent in the I.T. Industry. Your message is immediately comprehensible to customers and prospects. It is a source of competitive advantage we can not afford to do without.

Alex BertonMD Cognito Software

Gene sees what many people in business miss. He has the ability to look at a business and create the right pitch, brand and marketing strategy that separates you from the competing noise in the marketplace. Gene’s marketing insights and brand foresight has increased my business reach and revenue in a short period of time.

Michael LicenblatMD Performance Solutions and Bouncebackfast.com

Gene is the most credible and knowledgeable marketing person I have met in my entire 43 years business experience. He has the capacity and energy required to tackle any marketing task. His understanding of the marketing process has a maturity that is beyond his years in the marketplace. My experience in working with Gene has been that each job we have worked on has turned out to be much easier for us because: Our mutual clients have gained an accurate assessment and understanding of the need for their products/services in their chosen market place, their message has been crystallized and focused, and that has the job of presenting them on the internet so much easier for our team. I recommend Gene without hesitation.

John GilbertsonInternet Marketing Specialist – Bitemark