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The Importance of Your Personal Brand

If you are the owner or founder of an SME (Small and Medium Enterprise) or are the person responsible for sales or business development in any size organization then your reputation – your personal brand is paramount in your personal success and the success of your organization. ‘Brands are like people’ is an analogy often…

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Marketing Consultants…they like to Watch.

Marketing consultants like to observe company brand positioning and how it changes over time. We like to compare the efforts of those companies with explicitly stated brand positioning against those that imply their brand positioning and do not use a positioning statement. As a business owner or marketing manager it pays for you to watch…

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DIY Marketing – Biggest small business mistake

DIY Marketing and Hiring Marketers to work In-house is one of the biggest mistakes being made by many Australian small businesses. Marketing, like most business disciplines is changing rapidly due to advancements in technology, media fragmentation, and the resulting change in consumer wants and behavior. Increasingly, there are more marketing specialists than ever before and…

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Are Your In-House Marketing Professionals Working Hard And Smart Enough?

For years there has been a disconnect between the marketing function and the rest of the organization, especially when it comes to management understanding what in-house marketing professionals actually ‘do’. This chasm has been widened by clever marketers looking busy, wowing senior executive teams with pretty power-point presentations and using terminology that only they understand…