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Engagement – What Does It Mean To You?

Is engagement another marketing buzzword that has a different meaning for each person and organisation? With Social Media Marketing taking centre stage, marketers are all focused on increasing engagement through ‘content marketing and conversations’. By the way, about 10 years ago we had the same sort of buzz, except back then the buzz was around…

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Outsourcing The Marketing Function

When To Get a Marketing Consultant or hire a Marketing Professional So You Can Focus On Your Business With an uncertain future, are you left wondering whether your business is confidently operating with skilled marketing consultants or professional/s in the right roles working for or inside your business? “Nobody can really guarantee the future. The…

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What Makes a Marketing Consultant Cry

Maybe I have been experiencing self-delusion all these years but during this rainy weekend whilst catching up on all the TV programs I have missed, my bubble of idealism was painfully punctured, not just in relation to myself as a marketing consultant or in relation to consultants in other business disciplines but to people and…