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Bad design is very expensive, good design is incredibly cheap

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4 Steps to Implementing Your Content Marketing Strategy

When executed correctly, Content Marketing Strategy is the best form of win-win persuasion.  Here are the 4 critical steps to implementation:   1. Make Your Content Marketing Unique and Persuasive To be successful, your customers must understand the benefit to them when they choose you over someone else. Therefore, the most critical element of successful…

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The internet, social and mobile revolutions have completely altered the state of play in how we all connect – there is now a seamless flow of instant information.[1] No longer is the impression of your business driven by a singular marketing pitch or ad, your business is constantly exposed to an evolving audience. You need…

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Creating good Content Management Habits

A Content Marketing Strategy is “the mindset, culture and approach to delivering your customer’s information needs in all the places they are searching for it, across each stage of the buying process…. a strategic approach to managing content as an asset with a quantifiable ROI” [1] Prospects across all service categories are increasingly more selective…

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The Dangers of using Social Media

Think before you type – Social media can land you in Hot Water! by Sharon Givoni A recent legal stoush between two well-known Australian swimwear labels over photographs and comments posted on Facebook serves as an important reminder to people in business of the dangers of using social media when making comments about other businesses. What…

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9 Ways of Overcoming getting LinkedOut when using LinkedIn

From a Marketing Consultant’s Perspective… Yesterday I read possibly the best and worst article about LinkedIn. Here is the article that made me so happy and then half way through as frustrated as I ever get. So in today’s world where Content Marketing is king, and Inbound Marketing rules, what’s one to do but take…