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Six Marketing Tactics all Boxed Up: Face Four

Anyone who has studied or has a brief understanding of Economics 101 will recognise the marketing tactics used in the fourth face to the cube of persuasion very quickly. Since you were born, it has been affecting you throughout your life. When you were told you couldn’t have that box of chocolates, when you saw…

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Six Marketing Tactics all Boxed Up: Face Three

Robert Cialdini’s marketing tactics in “Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion” tells us you are more likely to say “yes” to someone you like. Yes, that’s common sense. It doesn’t take a marketing consultant or someone with years of sales training to tell you that. But what many haven’t mastered yet is how to have someone…

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The Zero Overhead Principle – Just Use It!

Wouldn’t it be great if all products and services could be designed in this way? The best most powerful brands are! Here’s an article that discusses one of the most important parameters for successful products. Although I disagree with the author that training for LinkedIn, Facebook, Google+ is not required, it is, his point is…