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Promotional Video

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Promotional Video
$4,200 + GST
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1. Online Marketing or Promotional Video has a big advantage over Online Video advertising.
2. The audience actively chooses to watch this type of video.
3. Show them how you can help them or address their questions and concerns.
4. Short online marketing videos are more effective than Long ones – no matter who the audience is.
5. The attention span in the Internet age is very short and getting shorter.
1. Length: Up to 180 seconds
2. Concept Development
3. Shortlist & Storyboard Development
4. Interview with Director & Staff
5. Up to 4 hours filming (Interview &
Action Shots)
5. Filming Equipment:
6. 2 DSLR High Definition Cameras,
7. Clip-On Wireless,
8. External Recorder,
9. Standard Lighting
10. Crew: Camera Operator & Assistant Editing: 2 session (10 hours) Revision Meeting Background Music Selection & Quote Web Version Clip High Quality DVD Version

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