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Video Testimonial

Use Online Video for complex B2B Marketing and get your brand closer to your customers:

Product Benefits Deliverables
Video Testimonial
$2,650 + GST
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1. Use customer testimonials to drive purchases as now 65% of daily Internet users consume video content online.
2. Make case studies more exciting and believable with the emotional power of video.
3. Provide product demonstrations as well as information in a more immediate and comprehensible way
4. Create trusted relationships through online broadcasts that provide useful content for customers and prospects.
5. Nobody knows your product or service like you do. Internet Video Marketing allows you to build brand awareness and involvement more than any other medium by getting in front of your prospects in “person”. Your prospects want to know who they are buying from, who they are giving their hard earned money to, and Online Video allows you to do that quickly and easily!
6. Create video campaigns to connect with customers and develop awareness of brand characteristics.
1. Length: Up to 120 seconds Up to three people interviewed in 1 location
2. Up to 2 hours of filming Filming Equipment:
3. 2 DSLR High Definition Cameras,
4. Clip-On Wireless,
5. External Recorder,
6. Standard Lighting
7. Crew: Camera Operator & Assistant
8. Editing: 1 session (5 hours)
9. Revision Meeting
10. Background Music Selection
11. Quote Web Version Clip
12. High Quality DVD Version

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