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Drive traffic to your website and grow your business online.

Do you want to drive traffic to your website and offer your products and services to thousands of users on the web? The Marketing Network has a world class website SEO (Search engine optimization) team who has achieved great success for so many of our customers who are using the internet to increase sales and grow their business online. The Marketing Network offers powerful SEO Services that drive quality website visitors to your site.

We work daily on optimizing sites for very specific targeted keywords, and although we operate across hundreds of smaller search engines, our results focus on the three major search engines, namely Google, Yahoo and Bing (formerly MSN). These three search engine optimizing make up the vast majority of all online searches, with Google being by far the most important to drive traffic. We offer SEO packages that range from $375 – $2500 per month with a minimum $250 commencement fee.

Please see below for the various SEO deliverables in each plan. Start an SEO plan now to grow your business online!

Primary SEO Packages





Keyword Research 5
Keyword Phrases
Keyword Phrases
Keyword Phrases
Title Tag Optimization & Upload Home Page Home Page Home Page
Robots.txt Optimization & Upload Yes Yes Yes
Social Bookmarking 10 Sites 15 Sites 20 Sites
Create & Upload Directory Pages for Link Building Yes Yes Yes
Manual Link Requests to Related Sites 30 Requests 40 Requests 50 Requests
Google & Yahoo Sitemap Creation Yes Yes Yes
Monthly SEO report (With Current Rankings) Yes Yes Yes
SEO Commencement Fee (once-off) $275 + GST
$415 + GST $550 + GST
Total Monthly Cost for SEO $415 + GST $690 + GST $970 + GST

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Advanced SEO Packages






On-page Optimization
Keyword Research 15 25 52 84
Title Tag Optimization & Upload Yes Yes Yes Yes
Robots.txt Optimization & Upload Yes Yes Yes Yes
W3c Validation Yes Yes Yes Yes
Working on HTML Source Code Yes Yes Yes Yes
Editing Content 10 15 20 30
Image & Hyperlink Optimization Yes Yes Yes Yes
Web 2.0 and Social Media Optimization
Social Bookmarking Yes Yes Yes Yes
Blog writing No No Yes Yes
Press Release Writing No No Yes Yes
Video Optimization No Yes Yes Yes
RSS Feeds Yes Yes Yes Yes
Link Development
Manual Link Requests to Related Sites 450 600 1140 1475
Submission to Local & International Search Engines & Directories Yes Yes Yes Yes
One-Way Links 15 25 35 50
Other Activities
Google Sitemap Creation Yes Yes Yes Yes
Yahoo Sitemap Creation Yes Yes Yes Yes
Google base feeds * No Up to 25 products Up to 50 products Up to 75 products
Google Analytics (Statistics) Yes Yes Yes Yes
Current Performance Yes Yes Yes Yes
Monthly SEO Report Yes Yes Yes Yes
Customer Support
Email Yes Yes Yes Yes
SEO Commencement Fee (once-off) $550 + GST $575 + GST $600 + GST $825 + GST
Total Monthly Cost for SEO $1,375 + GST $1,650 + GST $2,200 + GST $2,750 + GST

*excludes design/content development and upload, includes setup and maintenance only.

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Disclaimer Each plan has different inclusions in terms of the number of keyword phrases that we will optimize for and the areas of activity that we provide for, within each plan. We strongly recommend that you maintain your selected SEO campaign for a minimum of 6 months as, although you may very well see some results in the first 2-3 months, your site will only start really establishing itself in the highest and most competitive search engine rankings in months 5-6. Maintaining this longer term SEO campaign will also help in extending your search engine reach and penetration. We cannot guarantee the results of any plans, but usually show great results in a very short time for our customers. This is also why we don’t require a long term contract and our SEO plans are month to month. Once you see good results, then you will be able to start measuring your ROI (return on investment)