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Small marketing budgets are all about which marketing tool to use

If you have a small budget and your marketing agency is suggesting email marketing – consider the benefits of a direct mail piece instead. The payoff between the better marketing tool can make the difference. The main difference is that direct mail is considered a more acceptable form of communication for new leads, especially if…

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How to avoid an expensive divorce from your marketing agency

If you’ve realised you can’t do all your marketing and advertising in-house, take action now. It’s quarter 4 already and your plans for 2012 should be signed off and ready to implement. Most budgeting and marketing plan development for 2012 normally happens around September. But, it’s not too late. The key to getting your marketing…

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Are Your Briefs Embarrasingly Brief

Is your brief, too brief? We are not talking about showing too much skin, but we are talking about improving your bottom line. When you measure the success of your marketing project it is dependent on how well your marketing agency met your expectations. But, how do they know what you are expecting? It’s all…