2020 | July |

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Junk Mail in my Letterbox

A recipe for depressing consumers and marketers alike! Here they are laid out on my kitchen counter: The quality of “stuffing” in our letter boxes certainly justifies this paper waste being called Junk Mail! Here’s a sample from just one day, which is typical of type and quality SME (small medium enterprise) Junk Mail versus…

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Judging Australian law firm marketing – Guilty on all counts!

First of all, we should acknowledge that marketing in general, and branding in particular, for any professional service organisation has its own unique challenges. The offering is intangible, so you can’t pick it up and compare it feature for feature with a competing offering. The service also relies on humans to deliver it each and…

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Should you give away your IP?

I say you should. In fact you should make every effort to do so! In general, the better your idea or Intellectual Property (IP), the harder it is to sell it, to get people to believe in it. Your so called IP is already ‘on Google’ and if you think your IP will somehow protect…