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Black and Krantz

Decisions made simple… Black & Krantz is committed to actively attending professional education programs to keep abreast of all the changes in the Australian Taxation System. We strive to improve our knowledge and expertise to ensure we excel in, and provide, the very best accounting, taxation and financial services and deliver continuous peace of mind…

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Beware of Marketing Secrets – The Problem with SME Marketing

Since ‘The Secret’ unveiled itself on our newly purchased flat screens and sent punters into bookshops to wish away their credit card balance, bloated from the aforementioned brown goods, it seems that the world of Small Business has been increasingly shrouded in secrets and conspiracies!  Daily I am bombarded by email, direct mail,  print advertisements…

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Effective brand building with marketing communications

An effective brand is the key to finding, attracting and retaining customers and earning profits! Yet most small business owners just don’t know where to start and are doing themselves and their customers a terrible disservice. Much more has been written about “what is a brand” in the last 20 years then about “how to…