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A Brand Positioning Statement, also known as a slogan or a strap line, is the creative interpretation of the Brand Promise or USP which we discussed earlier. Brand (Positioning Statements) should be able to hold their position in the long run and ideally achieve the following 4 criteria: Differentiate the business (Communicate the USP) Provide…

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Brand Experience -Where is your BRANDTERTAINMENT?

Before moving onto discussing Brand Positioning, we need to make sure that we understand that Communication alone does not create brand feelings. Experience with the brand creates brand feelings.Great Communication (Advertising or Promotion of any type) will make bad products and services fail faster. On the other hand without great communication, the best products and…

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Why are today’s smart marketers talking about Brand Promise rather than the all too familiar USP – Unique Selling Proposition? The answer is simple. The low barriers to entry in most industries created by the free and almost instant flow of information, resulting in the hyper-competitive nature of today’s marketplace means there are very few…