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What is a brand and the AIDA model of advertising according to Dale Carnegie – Action

“Be a Leader: How to Change People Without Giving Offense or Arousing Resentment”, part four of “How to Win Friends and Influence People”  provides a path for changing attitudes and behaviour, which is after all the main objective of advertising and marketing communication. Whether we are discussing leadership in an organisation or thought leadership in…

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90% of SME Communication  not only does not maximize ROI, but is WASTED because it doesn’t build or have a cumulative effect! Most SME business owners do it themselves or let the job be done by the media or designers. Their expenditure lines the pockets of media companies, web developers, designers, printers who are not…

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Marketng Communication – Clarity

People today more receptive than ever before to Clear Solutions and Clear Messages. Clarity promises Peace of Mind in today’s chaotic world! Here is an example by a jewellery chain that produced amazing results: A simple headline was changed from: “We guarantee the quality of the diamonds we sell” to: “If the Gemological Institute of…