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Brand Experience -Where is your BRANDTERTAINMENT?

Before moving onto discussing Brand Positioning, we need to make sure that we understand that Communication alone does not create brand feelings. Experience with the brand creates brand feelings.Great Communication (Advertising or Promotion of any type) will make bad products and services fail faster. On the other hand without great communication, the best products and…

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SME Media Effectiveness – The Top 10 ways of Reaching Your Audience

Image via Wikipedia Where are your customers?Where can you REACH them most cost effectively?What are they watching, reading, listening to? ESTABLISH:Budget – Marketing Budget as a rough rule of thumb is 10% of SalesReach – don’t try to talk with too many prospects / customersFrequency – make sure to repeat your message frequently enough within…

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Marketing is Communication

Marketing is synonymous with Promotion, because 80% of the marketing effort is spent on Promotion.Promotion is usually the only element of the Marketing Mix (Product, Price, Place, Promotion, People, Process, Physical Environment) that marketers can control and constantly fine tune. Price changes are quick to implement and analyze and rarely change frequently. Changes to actual…